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Custom Machined Head Box Deckles for the Paper and Pulp Industries

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Using advanced machining services, Poly-Fabricators, Inc. custom manufactures two types of head box deckles - water deckles and deckles with Teflon seal strips - for the paper and pulp industry. Both deckle styles are designed to attach to a head box cheeking piece.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from head box to deckle, critical cheeking piece measurements are taken by our experienced service technicians prior to manufacturing. Both deckles feature mounting hardware fabricated from 316-L stainless steel square tubing with ACME threaded rods inside. This combination gives the mounting hardware maximum stability and micro-adjustability for up/down, in/out deckle movement. In addition, the deckles are equipped with stainless steel showering systems. Our head box deckles exceed client expectations for quality workmanship.

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Head Box Deckles
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Head Box Deckles 2
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Head Box Deckles 3
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Stainless Steel Head Box Deckles Specifications:

Deckle Type Water Deckles
Deckles w/ Teflon Seal Strips
Material Used UHMW-PE
316L Stainless Steel
  • Mounting Hardware
  • - Square Tubing
  • - ACME Threaded Rods
  • Showering System
Attaches to Head Box Cheeking Piece
Critical Cheeking Piece Measurements Taken by our Experienced Service Technicians Prior to Manufacturing
  • Ensures Smooth Transition from Head Box to Deckle
ACME Threaded Rods Provide
  • Micro-Adjustability
  • - Up/Down
  • - In/Out
  • Stability
    Manufacturing Processes Machining
    Industry for Use Paper & Pulp
    Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
    Product Name Head Box Deckles

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